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Buy Certified Palisades Zoysia Grass in Albany

Zoysia grass is a form of sod that combines broad texture with high density to form a durable, easily maintained layer of grass. Certified Palisades Zoysia is a premium form of the variety that is characterized by minimal need for water, mowing needed about twice a week and additional fertilization applied semiregularly. When these maintenance requirements are met, you can expect a gorgeously green lawn that can be used in residential and home areas, golf fairways, roughs, athletic fields and parks. The versatility of Certified Palisades Zoysia makes it the choice selection for a variety of environments.

Easy to Grow & Heat-Tolerant
Certified Palisades Zoysia is a patented and vegetatively reproduced turf that is only grown and sold by licensed providers. It has a number of unique benefits that make it a popular choice for a variety of environments and uses. In addition to moderate maintenance requirements, users can enjoy its high tolerance of conditions such as salt, shade and heat. It establishes in soil quickly and reliably, and its vertical growth means less trimming is required for maintenance.

Serving Clients in Southwest Georgia & Statewide
If you want quality grass, you’ve come to the Wright place! Wright Turf Farms is known as Albany’s top provider of grass and sod for a reason. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer services backs up our reputation for selling great grass products. If you are looking for turf for your residential or commercial area, we can help you find the best option for your needs. We carry a number of athletic sod  varieties, including Zoysia and Bermuda. If you would like to discuss our turf products and find the right one for your needs in Albany, Southwest Georgia and statewide, you can call us at 877-432-8873.
Zoysia Grass

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