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Reasons to Start Your Mature Lawn Over With Sod

A Sod
Sod is grass turf that is cut into sections, complete with soil and grass roots, designed to be implanted into a landscape for a quickly green lawn. It is most often installed in yards that don’t have any grass at all, instead of replacing existing grass. But sometimes it can be beneficial to completely replace your existing grass with sod.
There are many reasons to upgrade your current lawn by starting fresh with clean, healthy sod. Here are reasons to start your mature lawn over with sod for a more beautiful, lush landscape.

Bare Spots

Bare spots in your yard occur for many reasons. High traffic from children and pets can create wear in your grass. Certain trees, such as thick pine or spruce trees, can also leave too much shade underneath their branches, creating large, bare circles.
If your lawn has bare spots, you can simply have your landscape and sod specialist mix healthy topsoil into the bare areas and lay down sod to help fill your yard. However, if your yard is patchy and has bare spots in general, it's best to till out the entire yard and start fresh with new sod.

Weed Growth

You have more than dandelions to worry about in your yard. Many common landscape weeds that destroy otherwise beautiful lawns include:
  • Thistle
  • Crabgrass
  • Ragweed
  • Yarrow
  • Quackgrass
When targeting and spraying weeds isn't enough, then it's time to think about replacing your entire lawn with fresh sod.
Before placing sod on your empty landscape, your sod specialist will till the area and apply a special root-killing chemical on your lawn to remove all signs of weed growth. Your soil should be free of viable weed roots and seeds prior to planting new sod so your lawn remains weed-free.

Unhealthy Grass

Unhealthy grass is easy to spot: if the grass is unhealthy, no matter how much you water your grass, you will find dead or dying blades underneath healthy green grass. Unhealthy grass may also be riddled with mushrooms.
One of the largest causes of poor grass health is soil conditions. If you don't have healthy soil for your grass to grow, your lawn will continue to look brown and sparse. Your sod specialist will treat your current soil with nutrient-rich top soil and mulch before placing new sod on top.
If watering is a concern (grass can easily suffer from over-watering as well as being too dry), your sod specialist will show you the best ways and times to water your lawn so your new sod remains full and lush.

Unwanted Grass

If you don't like the type of grass planted in your existing yard, then upgrading to a new type of grass is ideal for you. Types of grass to consider include:
  • Bermuda (ideal for warmer climates)
  • St. Augustine ( ideal for high traffic yards)
  • Zoysia ( ideal for yards with shade trees)
Before choosing any style of sod to replace your existing grass, compare different types to one another. Certain grasses are best for cool climates, and others are resistant to ample shade. Your sod specialist will show you various types of sod that grow well in your region and climate.
Sometimes it's best to replace an entire yard with new sod to achieve the lush, green landscape you desire. If your yard is otherwise very healthy, you may only have to replace small sections of your yard to give your landscape a clean, attractive appeal.
Your sod specialist will treat your lawn's existing soil so your new grass will grow healthy and last for many years. Our team of sod installation experts will help transform your lawn. Call us at Wright Turf Farms to install the best sod on your property.